Publications by Tamara Hartke

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Hartke, T. R. & Rosengaus, R. B. Costs of pleometrosis in a polygamous termite. Proc. R Soc. L. 280, available online.

Hartke, T. R. & Baer, B. The mating biology of termites: A comparative review. Anim. Behav., 82, 927-936.

Hartke, T. R. & Rosengaus R. B. Heterospecific pairing and hybridization between Nasutitermes corniger and N. epharatae. Naturwissenschaften, 9, 745-753.
View online at Naturwissenschaften
Hartke, T. R., Koenemann, S. & Yager, J. Speleonectes williamsi, a new species of Remipedia (Crustacea) from the Bahamas.Zootaxa, 3115, 21–28.

Hartke, T. R., Fišer, C., Hohagen, J., Kleber, S., Hartmann, R. & Koenemann, S. Morphological and molecular analyses of closely-related species in the stygobiontic genus Niphargus (Amphipoda). J. Crust. Biol., in press.

Neiber, M. T., Hartke, T. R., Stemme, T., Bergmann, A., Rust, J., Iliffe, T. M. & Koenemann, S. Global biodiversity and phylogenetic evaluation of Remipedia (Crustacea).PloS One World Register of Marine Species Special Collection 6: e19627.

Rosengaus, R. B., Brent, C. S. & Hartke, T. R. Mate choice and disease risk in the dampwood termite, Zootermopsis angusticollis.. J. Insect Science, in press.

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