Research of Tiffane Bates

Tiffane Bates

General overview

As the CIBER apiary manager, my responsibilities are predominately the breeding and daily care of the bees and managing the bee side of the research projects. I am also very much involved in liaising with the beekeeping industry and trying to maximise the communication, cooperation and understanding between science and industry.

More about me:


I have been working in the bee industry of Western Australia in various roles for more than 15 years. I originally moved into beekeeping research at the Department of Agriculture and Food as a university job. Experience gained from my parents and grandparents beekeeping operations made this not such surprising summer work.

Queen producer

In the last six years I have worked as a queen producer and breeder. During this time I learnt to artificially inseminate queen bees, run my own business and absorbed an enormous amount about beekeeping and breeding from both personal experience and the generous advice of the beekeepers.

Churchill fellowship

Last year I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to aid in our race here in Australia to prepare for the threat of Varroa mite. This funding enabled me to visit those people worldwide who are breeding resistance to Varroa into their honeybees. I produced a report on my return and am currently working towards a project utilising this information which could help our industry in Australia.


Collaborating Partners