Better Bees: The Western Australian Bee breeding program

What is Better Bees?

Better Bees WA currently consists of a group of 8 commercial beekeepers. Each individual beekeeper owns and maintains some of the 24 bee lineages that are currently recognized as being part of "The Western Australian Bee Breeding Program". The aim of the honey bee breeding program is to maintain a strong genetic pool of honey bee breeding stock for the WA apiary industry to use in maintaining a healthy population of managed honeybees. Queen bees derived from the Better Bees breeding program are highly sought by beekeepers all over Australia generating income for the beekeepers and queen multipliers.

Better Bees and CIBER

Better bees has continuously supported honeybee research at the University of Western Australia for more than 4 years. Cumulatively, Better Bees has more than 200 years of honeybee breeding experience, being of immense value for the Scientists within CIBER in order to breed animals needed for scientific experiments.

Collaborating Partners