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A movie about honeybees!

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We collaborated with the Swiss movie maker Markus Imhoof in the making of a docummentary for international theatrical release.The movie provides fascinating insights into the biology of the honeybee and the relationships between mankind and bees and points out the importance of bees for our food production. It reflects on the differences as well as the similarities between human and bee societies. The film is a journey that searches for the possible reasons and consequences of the global decline in bee populations.

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'More than Honey' is an international co-production between Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The co-producers are Ormenis Film (Switzerland), Thelma Film (Switzerland), Allegro Film (Austria) and Zero One Film (Germany).

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CIBER provided the scientific advisory for the film and offered Markus Imhoof the necessary contacts to bee experts and access to bees, for example to develop the technically challenging filming with micro cameras to visualize individual behaviors of bees within the hive. This part of the work is also of scientific interest as such a technique would be of great scientific value for future studies, for example to observe the behavior of bees towards diseased individuals or to test whether seminal fluid proteins change the behavior of the queen.

[click picture to enlarge] The film crew visited Western Australia several times in order to undertake the planned filming. The movie is expected to be ready for international theatrical release by the end of 2012. More information about the making of the movie can be found here.

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